3 Tips for Tackling Bad Breath

You brush, you floss, you rinse, and you’re still haunted by bad breath. What could be the problem?

To overcome unpleasant breath, you’ll need to recruit the help of your dentist in Saint Charles MO. But, before your dental visit, try these three tips for eliminating even the most stubborn halitosis.

Use a tongue scraper every day or brush the tongue with a toothbrush.

The bacteria that are responsible for foul breath can live deep inside the surface of the tongue, feeding off of microscopic food particles and releasing strong-smelling gases. Disrupting their smelly habitat with a tongue scraper or a tooth brush will get rid of the food particles and also reduce the number of bacteria significantly. After just a few days, your tongue should look, feel, and smell much better.

Rinse with a germ-fighting mouthwash.

Read the label on your mouthwash to ensure that it contains the ingredients that can kill germs and freshen breath. If the label only lists fluoride as the active ingredient, then you should know that the product is designed to fight cavities, but not bad breath. If your breath-freshening mouthwash still won’t get the job done, the problem could be related to your diet. As certain foods are metabolized in the stomach, the smells can continue to be noticeable for several days.

Schedule a checkup.

When bad breath is particularly stubborn, the problem could be related to a more serious issue. Dry mouth, acid reflux, a sinus infection, gum disease, cavities, and even respiratory illnesses can produce unpleasant breath that doesn’t respond to traditional remedies.

Don’t attempt to mask or hide your bad breath with candies and gums. Instead, dig a little deeper to uncover the true cause of the problem and then talk to your Saint Charles MO dentist to develop some strategies for a resolution. Call for your appointment today.