Anxious About Dental Treatment?

Dental anxiety is a very common emotion.  In fact, so many people feel nervous when it is time to see the dentist that some choose to stay away all together.  Thankfully, dental treatment has come a long way and so have treatments for dental anxiety.  Your dentist in St Charles MO can provide you with the tools and support to help you keep your cool in the dental chair.

The first step to dealing with dental anxiety is to communicate with your dentist.  You have to let him know that you are feeling uneasy.  It’s difficult for the dental team to help you if they don’t fully understand your needs.

You may also want to suggest a signal you can give if you need a break.  Raising your hand to get the team’s attention will be much easier than trying to talk while instruments and dental materials are being handled near your face and mouth.

Next, you should try doing something to distract yourself from the treatment being performed.  Listening to music is a great way to block out the sounds of your treatment.  Bringing a music device with headphones will help you concentrate on the music.  Listening to digital books can also work.  Some patients also like to meditate.  Whatever you think might work is worth a try!

If none of these tips are effective, you may want to consider medication. Nitrous Oxide is a gas used in the dental office to relax patients during treatment.  Your dentist can also prescribe a medication that will help you to relax.  If you choose prescription medication, you will need to have a responsible adult driver to drive you to and from your appointment.

If you have been putting off a dental visit because of dental anxiety, call your Saint Charles dentist today. It is possible to feel comfortable in the dental chair and receive the treatment you need.  Don’t put it off another day; your smile (and your health) will thank you!