How Can a Saint Charles Cosmetic Dentist Refurbish Your Smile?

Show your best smile in your selfies with a comestic dentist.

Show your best smile in your selfies with a comestic dentist.

It’s hard to overlook a cracked or chipped tooth in your Snapchat and Instagram photos. When you flash a smile, are you concerned about the color of your teeth or the way that your teeth are aligned? To put an end to your self-consciousness and insecurity, you can find answers to just about all of your cosmetic concerns by consulting a dentist in Saint Charles.

How can a cosmetic dentist refurbish your smile? As public interest in cosmetic dentistry continues to increase and the cost of care continues to decrease, lots of nagging esthetic problems can be easily overcome. Take a look at some of the more common smile-ruining conditions that can be resolved with help from a cosmetic dentist:

Fractured or Cracked Teeth: After a traumatic accident or a particularly crunchy snack, a cracked or fractured tooth can be a cosmetic nightmare. These structural problems can be corrected with restorations that will make the teeth both stronger and also more attractive. Cosmetic fillings, ceramic veneers, or porcelain crowns are all effective solutions for this problem.

Stained Teeth: It is nearly impossible to avoid all of the foods, beverages and medications that can potentially stain your teeth. Teeth whitening procedures will allow you to enjoy life now and then erase the stains later. However, all stains don’t respond to the whitening process in the same way, so it’s important to consult a cosmetic dental specialist for personalized advice.

Crooked Teeth and Small Teeth: Braces and other orthodontic measures can snap your smile into shape, but there are other cosmetic options for crooked or small teeth. With veneers, crowns, and gum contouring, a cosmetic dentist can produce a more balanced and orderly smile for you.

Cosmetic dentistry offers numerous solutions the esthetic challenges that we are all certain to encounter throughout our lives. Contact a Saint Charles cosmetic dentist today to learn more about getting your smile and your confidence back.