Custom Bleach Trays: Are they Right for You?

Custom-Bleach-Trays-Cosmetic-Dentist-St-Charles-MOBright white smiles have always been considered beautiful. Many patients report that, if they could change one thing about their smile, it would be to make their teeth whiter. Modern cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to achieve that goal with fantastic success. If you are interested in enhancing your smile with whiter teeth, ask your cosmetic dentist in St. Charles MO about custom bleach trays.

Custom take home bleach trays are made specifically for you. An impression is taken of your upper and lower teeth. Based on the detailed impression, models of your teeth are made. This information is used to construct a perfect set of bleach trays. These plastic bleach trays are carefully molded and trimmed with comfort in mind.

These trays are hardly noticeable, allowing you to bleach your teeth at home, work, running errands, or wherever you wish. A small amount of the whitening solution is placed in the tray on the surface that will touch the visible portion of each tooth. Compared to the solutions that are available in the drugstores and the malls, the products provided by your dentist are more powerful and more effective. After one to two weeks of daily whitening, you should be pleased with your bright, new smile. It’s nice to know that you can store your custom trays at home and repeat the process as needed, at your

Dental crowns and other restorations will not be affected by the whitening solution. This can be considered as both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It’s safe to use your custom trays around your existing dental work, but you will also be unable to lighten the shade of your existing restorations.

Custom bleach trays are an affordable, safe, and comfortable way to enhance almost any smile. Your St. Charles cosmetic dentist can assess your smile in more detail to determine if this method is best for you.