Dental Solutions for Acid Erosion

The surface of your teeth is responsible for more than just looking pretty—it is also responsible for protecting the soft, interior tissues underneath. Without the hard enamel outer shell, the teeth are sensitive and vulnerable. When the enamel is worn away or eroded by acids, the teeth can become painful and visually unattractive. Without intervention from a dentist in the St. Charles area, the destruction to the teeth can be severe.

Acids from the stomach or the acidic nature of certain foods and drinks can slowly erode the surface of the enamel until the teeth look hollowed out, worn down, dull, or yellow. The loss of the protective outer layer can leave you with teeth that are sensitive to cold temperatures and unsightly in appearance.

The treatment for acid erosion will vary according to the severity of the problem, your dental goals and your budget.

  • Mild Erosion- If acid erosion is caught early and the damage is minimal, then restorative dental treatment may be unnecessary. Instead, the dentist may focus on identifying the source of the erosion and working with you to prevent future deterioration. The problem could be due to your diet, your medications, or an undiagnosed health condition.
  • Moderate Erosion- If the inner layer of the tooth is beginning to show, the edges of the teeth have become rough and uneven, or the teeth are becoming sensitive, the dentist might recommend bonding the exposed areas with a tooth-colored filling material. This treatment works best in small areas as a minor dental restoration.
  • Severe Erosion- The dentist will often recommend porcelain crowns or veneers to restore the integrity and appearance of the teeth. These restorations can provide you with teeth that look more natural in terms of their color, shape, and size.

Enamel erosion is a condition that is easier and less expensive to correct when the problem is addressed early. Talk to a dentist in St. Charles today to learn more.