Is the Dentist Speaking your Language?

ven if you have been faithful about scheduling your dental checkups every 6 months for most of your life, it is understandable if you don’t exactly know the difference between a bridge and a partial. Dental terminology, like medical terminology, can sound like another language to the untrained ear. However, if you are in need of dental care, it is a smart idea to brush up on the language before your next visit. Otherwise, how would you know whether to Google a dentist in St. Charles MO who does dental bridges or one who does dental implants?
Below, you’ll find a list of some commonly used dental terms and their descriptions:
• Dental bridge. A series of dental crowns that are connected to natural teeth to replace a missing tooth.
• Partial denture. A removable set of false teeth that are attached to a metal of acrylic base.
Dental crown. A porcelain or gold cap that covers, protects, or restores a natural tooth. (Also used to complete a dental implant.)
• Dental implant. A permanent, titanium replacement tooth root used to create a strong foundation for an artificial tooth.
• Deep cleaning. A therapeutic cleaning and treatment for patients with gum disease.
• Prophylaxis. A routine dental cleaning for adults and children who do not have gum disease.
• Veneers. Porcelain facings that are permanently bonded to the front teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth while also strengthening weak teeth.
• Root Canal Therapy (RCT). A procedure in which an infected or dying dental nerve is cleaned out of a natural tooth root and replaced with a sterile filling.
• Dental filling or bonding. The placement of resin, glass, or ceramic materials to replace or repair a small portion of enamel after a cavity or for cosmetic reasons.
Getting the right dental care is easy when you find a St. Charles dentist who speaks your language. Contact one for an appointment today.