Is Embarrassment Keeping you Away from the Dentist?

Embarrassed to go to the dentistIf it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the dentist, you might be feeling nervous about sitting through an oral hygiene lecture about the importance of better dental health. Maybe you’re worried about hearing bad news about the condition of your teeth and gums or maybe you just haven’t found a dentist in the St. Charles area yet. Try not to worry! Dentists aren’t interested in shaming you or judging you, they’re simply here to help you when you’re ready to get back on track. Dental professionals understand the impact that environmental and hereditary factors can have on your dental health, and they want to help you overcome those issues for better overall health.

When you have more positive experiences in the dental office, you’re more likely to return in the near future! The dental team is ready to work with you, no matter when you decide to climb into the dental chair, so that you feel at ease and ready to address any issues that may be uncovered.

Try not to be embarrassed about what the dentist might think about your teeth. Just remember that the dental team isn’t here to pass judgment. Throughout their education and careers, dental professionals have experience with all stages of dental problems.

An important step to ensuring that your dental visit is positive and productive is to be honest with your dentist about your feelings of dental anxiety or apprehension. Talk to the dentist or hygienist about the issues that have kept you from getting into the office sooner. You will be pleasantly encouraged by the level of understanding, and you can leave the office knowing that you have taken a positive step for your oral and overall health.

Staying away from the dentist is never recommended, and there lots of advantages to scheduling routine visits. In addition to treating gum disease and tooth decay, dentists are often the first healthcare providers to spot serious health problems such as oral cancer or serious systemic conditions. If you haven’t seen a St. Charles dentist in a while, why not call to schedule an appointment today?