FAQ’s About In-Office Power Bleaching

In just about every corner of Saint Charles, there is a dental office offering in-office power bleaching or teeth whitening. Here’s what you should know before scheduling the procedure with a dentist:

How does power bleaching work?

White Teeth Make Happy SmilesWhen a special formula of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide passes through enamel down to the inner structures of the tooth, they form oxygen radicals that move between the enamel prisms to break down the colored molecules that are responsible for tooth discoloration. As the discolored areas are bleached, the internal color of the tooth is made whiter even though the structure of the enamel is not altered.

Peroxides have proven to be incredibly effective for whitening the teeth without harming the enamel, the dentin, existing fillings, or bonding materials.

How long do results last?

Power whitening results are quite stable, but individual results will depend on your lifestyle habits and nutrition. Certain medications, beverages, and foods can contribute to recurrent staining. As needed, the whitening procedure can be repeated periodically. The whitening agents are safe and should not pose a concern for the dentist or the dental patient.

Does it cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a common (and manageable) side effect of the power whitening procedure. The sensitivity is generally transient and typically disappears after the procedure has been completed. However, Opalescence power bleaching products are formulated with potassium nitrate and fluoride to desensitize the teeth for added comfort. These ingredients also help to reduce cavities and increase the hardness of the enamel to improve the overall health of the teeth.

Is it right for you?                

In-office power bleaching has been designed for adults who would like to whiten their smiles as quickly and as safely as possible. To determine if the procedure is right for you, you should contact a dentist in the Saint Charles area today to book a consultation.