How Sturdy is the Dental Implant?

In the history of dentistry, few procedures or restorations have been as wildly successful as the dental implant. As an option for replacing one or more missing teeth, the implant has seen a continual increase in both clinical and commercial success.

When you visit with your dentist in Saint Charles, MO to explore your options for tooth replacement, there is a high probability that you’ll spend time discussing the advantages of dental implants. That’s because implants not only look like real teeth, they also work like real teeth.

The implant gains tremendous strength from its permanent bond with the underlying jawbone. Once the bone has become integrated with the titanium implant post, the result is a foundation that is as strong as the bond between the bone and the natural tooth root.

In a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the implant post is placed into the jawbone and covered with gum tissue. In some cases, the post can be immediately fitted with a restoration that represents natural teeth. In other instances, your dentist will recommend a brief healing period before finalizing the procedure with a restoration.

When it has been determined that the implant post is in its proper position, it will serve as an artificial tooth root that can be customized to address your particular needs. For some patients, this will involve a single dental crown to replace a single missing tooth. For other patients, the implant can be modified to support a dental bridge or a group of implants can be used to support an entire denture!

Regardless of the design or extent of the final restoration, you will appreciate the freedom that comes from eating the foods that you want, without worrying about a fragile tooth replacement. Your implant is strong enough to sustain a lifetime of biting and chewing without taking any special precautions, other than those that you would normally observe with your natural teeth.

Your Saint Charles, MO dentist knows just what it takes to build a strong, healthy smile. Find out more by calling for your appointment today.