How To Choose An Invisalign Provider

It is important to select the right doctor when getting braces—after all, you’ll be working together for a while—but how do you pick the right one?

“Orthodontic treatment lasts an average of a year, and you will probably be interacting with your doctor on a near monthly basis, so you want to make sure the person you choose is someone you are comfortable with and confident about,” says Dr. Jeffrey Smith, a St. Charles dentist who provides Invisalign.

Knowing what to ask a potential braces provider is essential to finding the right doctor for you, so we put together a list of three of the most important questions to ask before choosing one.

What does the finished product look like?

Ask to see the results from previous patients and find out if any of the patients are available to answer questions. Many practices have a smile gallery on their website, but the office will also have photos on display of patients who have completed treatment. The best way to find out about a practice is usually through word of mouth, so that means checking credible online review sites. You want to know that other patients have had positive experiences and are pleased with their final smile.

How much experience do you have with this orthodontic method?

Find out how many patients they have treated with Invisalign and how much experience they have with the orthodontic method. Braces are a significant investment of your time and money, so you don’t want to be the practice’s guinea pig.

Is my case something you feel comfortable treating?

Schedule an appointment for a consultation with the doctors you are considering going to for treatment. Many dental and orthodontic offices offer complimentary consultations for braces, so it never hurts to get more than one opinion about your case and what they recommend as the best treatment method for you. Sometimes orthodontic imperfections are deceptively simple looking and may not be a malocclusion the dentist has much experience treating.

“An important part of the doctor-patient relationship is trust. A good dentist knows what he or she has the experience and knowledge to handle and will refer you out if your case would be better handled by an orthodontic specialist,” says Dr. Pedro Alquizar, a Miami orthodontist.

In certain cases, patients are not candidates for Invisalign and may need to go to an orthodontist for a different method anyway.

“Now is the time to get the smile you have always wanted, so call our office to find out more about Invisalign or to schedule an appointment for a consultation,” says Dr. Smith.