How To Prepare Your Smile For Holiday Festivities

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is right around the corner, and that can mean more parties and people and pictures.

“There is still time to get your smile looking great,” says St. Charles dentist Dr. Jeffrey Smith. “You don’t want to be self-conscious about your smile or breath when you’re celebrating with family and friends, so call us to find out how to get a confidence boost.”

If you want to look, feel and smell better, here are three ways you can get a shiner, whiter, healthier smile.

  1. Get a hundred watt smile with a one-hour, in-office teeth whitening treatment.You don’t have to be unhappy with the color of your teeth anymore. You can safely and effectively remove stains and put that healthy sparkle back in your smile.“Aging, smoking, medication, the foods we eat and what we drink—they all affect the color of our teeth,” Dr. Smith says. “Dark beverages like coffee, tea, colas and red wine and food like berries and tomato-based sauces are common culprits.”

    Dr. Smith’s preferred teeth whitening method is Opalescence Boost, which not only whitens but also helps strengthen enamel, preventing cavities and decreasing sensitivity.

  2. Freshen up fast, and deal with bad breath.Sometimes people don’t even realize they have bad breath, which is officially known as halitosis. An easy way to check, other than asking someone else, is to scrape your whole tongue with a clean spoon. Wait for the saliva to dry and then smell the spoon. That’s what your breath smells like.“Sometimes potent foods like garlic or onion are the offender,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, a Springfield Missouri dentist and colleague who treats bad breath at her practice. “Chronic halitosis could be from poor dental care, unhealthy lifestyle habits, or it could be a sign of other health problems like periodontal disease.”

    Dr. Barnett says you can keep breath fresh and avoid embarrassing situations by practicing good oral hygiene, having teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, drinking enough water, eliminating tobacco products from your life and avoiding potent foods before social interactions.

    “If you’re overdue for your biannual cleaning, call now and schedule an appointment,” says Dr. Smith. “We can help determine the cause of your bad breath and recommend treatment options.”

  3. Fix those dental imperfections that you’ve been hiding.Braces aren’t the only option for correcting slightly crooked teeth. Some patients are good candidates for porcelain veneers that can cover cracked, chipped or fractured teeth.“Veneers can be instant orthodontics when used to cover crooked teeth,” says Dr. Smith. “They can also completely alter the appearance of small, worn or irregularly-shaped teeth, fill in gaps between teeth, create a more symmetrical gum line and hide teeth bleaching resistant staining.”

    Today’s dental technology allows cosmetic dentists to provide patients with natural looking color, light refraction, shine, texture and translucency.

You don’t have to wait any longer to get the smile that you have always wanted. With our convenient payment options, which include a wide range of insurance plans, cash and major credit cards, your ideal smile could be closer than you ever thought possible. Call our office to schedule an appointment and find out more about how to get it.