Invisalign Offers Perfect Summer Solution

Beautiful young woman at a poolSummer is a great time for getting yourself into shape—and that includes your smile! When your teeth are crowded, crooked, or unevenly spaced, orthodontic treatment can create a more orderly and attractive smile. Orthodontic treatment is also considered to be healthy and more conservative than many other forms of cosmetic dentistry. However, many teens and adults are somewhat deterred by the look and the feel of braces. Fortunately, you can speak to a cosmetic dentist in Saint Charles about Invisalign as an alternate treatment.

Invisalign is a metal-free orthodontic solution that is discreet and comfortable. Teens and adults appreciate the ability to have the teeth correctly aligned without appliances that are easily noticeable or uncomfortable. These see-through aligners are designed to slip right over the upper and lower teeth to be worn throughout the day and the night.

During meals and daily oral hygiene activities, the aligners can be easily removed and cleaned.

To promote better alignment, steady pressure must be applied to the teeth over a specified period of time. The degree of pressure and the period of time will vary between individuals, but Invisalign technology enables us to determine all of these details in advance. This means that you will receive an accurate estimate of your treatment—step by step, from start to finish, before you even try in your first aligner.

The easy, low-maintenance nature of the Invisalign system makes it the perfect choice for summer. The procedure requires very few dental visits and won’t interfere with your busy summer schedule. Also, even when the aligners are in place, they are typically invisible to those around you and cannot be seen in pictures. From family reunions to weddings and concerts, you can feel confident in your appearance, even as your teeth are undergoing active orthodontic treatment.

For a personalized Invisalign consultation, make an appointment with an Invisalign dentist in Saint Charles today.