Keeping Invisalign Aligners Clean

Congratulations on your decision to straighten your teeth with Invisalign! Whether you are a teen or an adult, straighter tooth can provide you with numerous benefits that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life. However, your decision is a personal one, and Invisalign enables your dentist to improve your oral health without broadcasting it to all of your Saint Charles neighbors. During the process, there are a few things that you should know about caring for your Invisalign aligners.

The importance of wearing your aligners every day, for as many hours as possible, cannot be stressed enough. But it is just as important to keep your aligners clean every day as well. Bacteria can accumulate on the surface of your aligners and contribute to bad breath and tooth decay.

The aligners should be cleaned thoroughly after every meal, snack, or beverage. Each time that the aligners are cleaned, the teeth should also be cleaned. Remove plaque and food debris from the teeth by brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Otherwise, your clean aligner will immediately become ‘unclean’ as soon as it is placed over the film of plaque that forms on the teeth every day. And remember, your aligners do not prevent plaque bacteria from accumulating on the teeth. Instead, the aligners can provide a safe hiding place for germs to do their dirty work.

To clean your aligners, ask your dentist to recommend the most appropriate cleaning solution. There is an Invisalign brand cleansing system that includes special cleaning crystals and a cleaning tub. This solution is designed to keep your aligners odor-free, clean, and clear. However, if the solution is unavailable to you, you can still clean your aligners with a soft toothbrush, warm water, and a small drop of antibacterial hand soap. You’ll need to brush the crevices of the aligner gently and rinse it until the water runs clear. Harsh cleaners, bleach, or toothpaste are not recommended and can even cause damage to your aligners.

Your clean aligners should immediately be placed back onto the teeth to avoid interrupting your orthodontic progress. For more information on keeping your aligners clean, contact an Invisalign dentist in Saint Charles today.