Saint Charles Cosmetic Dentist Has 3 Tips for a Whiter Smile

If you’d like to flash a smile that is white and bright, consider the following tips, and then team up with your cosmetic dentist in Saint Charles MO for some added moral (and technical) support.

1. Watch out for stains. Your dazzling white smile will always be just beyond your reach unless you pay attention to the foods and drinks that are known for staining. Fruits and vegetables that are deeply pigmented, red wine, juices, and coffee are your main culprits, but you can reduce their threat if you rinse or brush after you consume them.

2. Opt for porcelain veneers. Veneers can produce a nicer smile in terms of color, but also in terms of shapeliness and balance. The strong porcelain material is also less porous than other materials and better able to resist future stains. This solution is especially ideal when teeth bleaching alone won’t do the trick.

3. Get to the heart of the problem. Sometimes, it takes more than teeth bleaching to produce an attractive smile. Get to your dental office right away for a checkup and find out if you have cavities or receding gums. Even crooked and crowded teeth can make the teeth look unclean or unhealthy. Find out which factors are having the greatest impact on your smile and then discuss the corrective treatment options with your dentist.

Perhaps you desire a more attractive smile, but feel that you are unable to conquer the obstacles that are in your way. If the problem is fear, make time for an honest discussion with your dentist. You will find that there are lots of strategies for making your visit more pleasant, comfortable, and tolerable. If the problem is financial, ask about the available financing options and payment arrangements. The front office staff can also help you to understand and maximize your insurance benefits for the recommended dental procedures.

Don’t let the perfect smile allude you any longer. Contact your Saint Charles MO cosmetic dentist for a consultation today.