Saint Charles Dentist Knows the Pain of a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can be one of the most painful and most perplexing conditions in dentistry. Even a crack that is too small to view with the naked eye can cause significant pain when you bite down. It’s not a feeling that you’ll want to endure for very long, and you’ll want to connect with a Saint Charles dentist who understands why a cracked tooth hurts and who can also provide you with a treatment option that will make the pain go away as soon as possible.

When a crack exists in a tooth, biting pressure can cause the crack to open and close in a way that pinches and irritates the dental nerve. The soft tissue inside of the tooth, which contains the blood supply and nerve, can become so aggravated that even the slightest stimulation can cause level 10 pain. You might notice that your tooth begins to over-react to normal factors such as cold or hot temperatures. This damage is often irreversible, and a root canal treatment (RCT) might be recommended to remove the nerve and stop the pain.

Fortunately, even after a root canal treatment, the rest of the tooth can often be saved as long as the location and size of the crack are not too extensive. Very small cracks in the enamel are fairly common, and may not require any treatment, especially if there are no other immediate problems. However, cracks that cause pain, and cracks that weaken the tooth should be addressed before the problems become too advanced.

To treat and restore a cracked tooth, your treatment options might include:

  • A tooth-colored filling that will strengthen the tooth and bond to the enamel.
  • A complete crown that covers the entire tooth for greater support and a natural look.
  • A root canal treatment if the nerve is involved.
  • A tooth extraction if the cracked tooth cannot be repaired.

If you suspect that you have cracked a tooth, or if you are experiencing pain, try to avoid chewing on a potentially weakened tooth and contact a dentist in Saint Charles today.