Saint Charles Dentist has Word of Warning for Binge-Drinkers

Mixed DrinksToo much alcohol certainly isn’t good for your body, but it also poses a serious risk to your oral health. A pattern of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, known as binge drinking, is more common than you might think and its effects can be troubling. In fact, the effects of binge drinking can create oral health problems that could require intervention from a Saint Charles dentist.

The habit of regularly consuming enough alcohol to raise your blood alcohol level to 0.08 or more is considered binge drinking, and these levels can be reached within just 2 hours (that’s roughly 5 drinks for a man and 4 drinks for a woman). Studies indicate that these drinking patterns are especially common among college students.

How does binge drinking affect your smile? If you have ever awakened to the feeling of cotton-mouth after a night of heavy drinking, then you have experienced alcohol-induced xerostomia. This term describes the dry mouth and lack of saliva that is brought on by dehydration and intoxication. In this condition, sticky plaque can be sound on the teeth and there is a high risk for dental decay. Repeating this cycle every weekend or several times during the week can result in rampant cavities offensive bad breath.

Alcoholic beverages are known to dry out the mouth, but consuming sugary mixed drinks can raise the stakes considerably. The combination of juices, sodas, and alcohol further increases the acidity levels inside of the mouth and increases the rate at which the enamel deteriorates. Adults who consume sweetened mixed drinks may also underestimate the amount of alcohol in each glass, increasing the likelihood that they will become intoxicated.

Following a night of over-indulging, make an effort to brush and floss in order to reduce the fuzzy biofilm of cotton-mouth in the morning. Binge drinking raises your risk for cavities and it’s important to discuss this matter with a dentist in Saint Charles immediately. For further help, call to schedule a private appointment today.