Should I Have My Silver Fillings Removed?

In the dental office, your Saint Charles, MO dentist will evaluate your existing fillings on a case-by-case basis. If any of your existing fillings are found to be less than satisfactory, there may be a recommendation to remove them. In the event that the old restorations need to be removed and replaced, the very best available filling material will be used. Today, that filling material is called a composite.

There are a number motivating factors for having your silver fillings removed. Among the most common reasons, recurrent decay tops the list. Since the older silver filling materials are incapable of bonding to the surrounding tooth structure, bacteria are able to seep into the microscopic spaces between the filling and the tooth, leading to a recurrent cavity. As the cavity begins to spread, the surrounding tooth structure becomes weakened, compromising the tooth’s integrity.

Older silver fillings are also prone to cracking and transmitting temperature sensitivity as the metal expands and contracts. In addition to the functional concerns, many patients have become more aware of the unattractive appearance of these restorations. As the filling material ages, it can become dark or black, creating an undesirable distraction as you laugh or smile.

Though these once popular restorations have many advantages, today there are more modern restorative solutions that are just as durable and also more attractive. Mercury-free composite restorations have virtually replaced amalgams as the most ideal restorative material. Composites are designed to bond directly to the surrounding tooth structure, preventing microscopic leakage. These restorations are also shaded to blend into your smile, rather than detract from it.

Whether you have concerns about the integrity of your silver fillings, or you would just prefer to have them replaced for esthetics, your dentist in Saint Charles, MO can help. Call for your appointment today.