St. Charles Dentist has Solution for Total Tooth Loss

AllAgesSmThanks to gum disease, cavities, and serious injuries, complete tooth loss continues to challenge a large percentage of adults each year. The importance of a complete set of teeth cannot be overlooked at any age, since oral health is so strongly tied to your sense of confidence and also your physical health. For a young adult, total tooth loss can be detrimental to professional dealings and other social or emotional interactions. For an elderly adult, tooth loss can contribute to malnutrition and digestive disorders.

What are your choices when all of your teeth are missing?

Thanks to modern dental technology, a St. Charles MO dentist can provide you with several treatment alternatives to adequately replace all of your missing natural teeth.

A Conventional Denture

A conventional denture is a sufficient choice for patients who have never worn dentures, or for those whose old dentures are no longer functional. This denture design meets the basic necessity of restoring your ability to chew, but it can begin to lack stability and proper performance as it rests upon the moveable foundation of the gum tissue.

While most denture patients are thankful for a complete set of teeth, many are challenged by bone loss, sore spots, and an increasingly loose fit.

Modify Your Current Denture

Your conventional denture may not fit perfectly forever but it can be adjusted or relined periodically to increase its functionality and your comfort. These modifications are often necessary due to the shrinkage that the jawbone undergoes in response to missing teeth.

An Implant-Supported Denture

The addition of even a few dental implants can completely change your experience with dentures. Implants can be used to create a permanent foundation in which the denture does not need to be removed on a daily basis. Implants can also serve as part of a snap-on denture system for patients who desire a removable option.

Total tooth loss certainly isn’t a pleasant condition, but there are a number of treatment choices that can greatly enhance the quality of your life with dentures. Just contact a dentist in St. Charles MO to learn more.