St. Charles MO Dentist Expects Success with Dental Implants

Dental Exam Before you make the decision to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, you’ll want to make sure that your choice is in the best interest of your health—for now and in the future. If a St. Charles dentist has prescribed dental implants for you, take comfort in knowing that your chances for long-term success are impressive. Dental implants have been meeting the expectations of dental patients and dentists for nearly four decades and their rate of success continues to rise.

The average success rate for dental implants has been reported at approximately 98%. This figure suggests that, under the best circumstances, and under the direction of an experienced implant dentist, just 2% of all dental implants will fail during the first five post-operative years. After five years, statistics show that the failure rate will decline even further, and the dental implant is considered to be successful.

At the point of your implant surgery, your general health and the quality of your jaw bone can further influence the outcome of your procedure. Implant candidates should be relatively healthy and the jaw bone should be dense and strong for a favorable prognosis.

Following the implant surgery, you will be charged with protecting your oral health for the sake of your implant and also for the sake of your remaining teeth. Diligent oral hygiene will help to prevent gum disease around your natural teeth and around your dental implant. You will also be responsible for scheduling routine dental exams to monitor the progress of your implant each year. Your commitment to maintaining good overall health will further ensure that your implants won’t be threatened by a chronic health condition.

Implant dentistry has been proven to be an overwhelmingly successful and efficient solution for replacing missing teeth. It’s a procedure with an expectation for great success, and you can speak to a St. Charles MO dentist about adding implants to your smile today.