Understanding the Consequences of Tooth Loss

Cosmetic-Dentist-in-St-Charles-MOTooth loss can be a tough road to navigate.  It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and the consequences can change your life completely.  Your cosmetic dentist in St. Charles MO can help you to understand these consequences and guide you in keeping your mouth healthy.

Once tooth loss takes place, several consequences can occur:

  • Weakened Teeth- When a tooth is missing, the teeth around it have to take on the additional forces of chewing. The added pressure on the remaining teeth can weaken them and make them more susceptible to sensitivity, wear, and bone loss.
  • Shifting Teeth- When a space is created by a missing tooth, the remaining teeth are more likely to shift into different positions, changing the way that you bite and chew.  This can also impact the health and function of your jaw joints.
  • Diet Changes- Without the use of all of your teeth, you may be forced to avoid eating certain foods.  Chewing can become more difficult and you may eventually begin suffer from nutritional challenges.
  • Social Anxiety- Losing your teeth can be embarrassing and make social interactions difficult.  In fact, it may cause you to avoid social gatherings as it damages your self-esteem.

People lose teeth for a number of different reasons.  Tooth loss can happen as a result of tooth decay, gum disease or trauma.  Trauma can’t always be avoided, but your dentist can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease with regular checkups.  There is even help for replacing teeth that may already be missing.

Tooth replacement options have come a long way since the early days of dentures.  Crowns, dental implants and bridges can all be used to replace missing teeth.  Everyone’s needs are different, and there may be several options available for you.  Your dentist in St. Charles MO can perform a complete evaluation and guide you towards the best tooth replacement options and put you back on the road to a beautiful healthy smile.