What to Expect at Your Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Dentist-in-St-Charles-MOCosmetic dentistry includes a variety of dental options.  Every patient has their own specific dental needs and expectations.  Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to achieve superior esthetic results while improving their dental health.  Schedule your cosmetic dental consultation with your dentist in St. Charles MO to see how cosmetic dentistry may be able to benefit you.

So, what might your cosmetic dental consultation consist of? Your consultation will largely be based upon input from you, the patient, and your dentist’s professional recommendations.  You should be honest with your dentist about your expectations and the results that you are hoping to achieve.  Your dentist might also ask you about the aspects that you would like to change or improve regarding your smile.  This is a time for you tell your dentist specifically anything that is not esthetically pleasing to you about your smile.  Your dentist can offer great realistic expectations and recommendations for the treatments that are most suitable for your dental needs.

A dental exam may be performed at your consultation as well.  Many times, along with a visual examination, dental radiographs are necessary.  These x-rays show decay the amount of healthy bone that is present, or any specific findings that will make one option for dental treatment a better choice than another.  Photos of your smile can be taken as well.  Sometimes, digital photography can provide you with a preview of what your smile could look like after cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Your cosmetic dental consultation is a time for you to become educated and informed on all that cosmetic dentistry can offer you.  Explanations of your treatments will be explained to you.  Your dentist has various types of patient education materials.  Take the time to look at dental models, literature, or photographs until you are able to make a decision that is right for you.

Your cosmetic dentist in St. Charles MO has an abundance of knowledge to help achieve the dental results that may await you. Why not call to schedule your appointment today?