What’s Really Keeping You from Visiting Your Cosmetic Dentist?

stressFor years, there has been the quiet assumption that more people would make time for their dental appointments if they weren’t so afraid of needles and drills. While it is true that millions of patients suffer from mild to severe dental phobias, fear doesn’t seem to be the primary deterrent anymore.

Recent studies suggest that you may be more likely to avoid your cosmetic dentist in St. Charles MO due to financial worries. In fact, the perceived financial costs can keep as many as 40% of patients out of the dental chair, even when they suffer from problems like toothaches and loose teeth. In comparison, fear seems to deter only 10% of patients who are suffering from significant dental problems.

Researchers suggested that the cost of dental care and a lack of dental insurance coverage can play an important role in the oral health of American citizens. However, there is one factor that is often overlooked:

Communication. Whether you are confronted with a toothache, a missing tooth, or insecurities about the appearance of your smile, dental care is more affordable than you may think. Scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic dentist is the only true way to estimate the cost of your dental care. You may be surprised to learn that your dentist is happy to suggest treatment alternatives that will fit into your budget when you openly communicate about you concerns.

Once you have decided to invest in high-quality dental care, your dentist can also help you to explore the best funding options. Perhaps your treatment can be prioritized and completed in manageable phases. Even without dental insurance, these smaller treatment plans tend to be more affordable. There are also a number of third-party finance companies that lend specifically for dental and medical procedures. Finally, many companies offer flexible spending plans or health savings accounts to help offset the cost of medical and dental procedures.

Don’t let the financial fears keep you away from the St. Charles MO dental office. Contact your cosmetic dentist today for more information about making your dental care affordable.