Why Do St. Charles Dental Offices Love Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Conserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible is the goal of microdentistry, commonly referred to as minimally invasive dentistry. To accomplish this goal, certain St. Charles dental offices strive to perform the minimal amount of dentistry that is necessary to restore a damaged tooth by removing the smallest possible amount of tooth structure. This philosophy is further supported by the use of the most durable dental materials in an attempt to prevent the need for future repairs.

Minimally invasive dentistry is also centered on the prevention of dental diseases such as tooth decay. Assessing your risk for cavities will help your dentist to develop the very best tooth decay prevention strategies for you. Your strategy might include oral hygiene instructions, dietary information, or preventive dental treatments.

Common techniques for minimally invasive dentistry include:

  • Strengthening and remineralizing the enamel with fluoride treatments.
  • Protecting the grooves and pits on the molars with preventive, noninvasive sealants.
  • Choosing bonded or porcelain restorations which require the removal of less tooth structure than conventional metal restorations.
  • Creating custom bite splints or night guards (occlusal guards) to prevent bruxism, which is the uncontrollable clenching and gritting of the teeth. This most frequently occurs during sleep and during times of intense physical or emotional stress.

It’s no surprise that your dentist in St. Charles is so proud to offer minimally invasive dental techniques. It is a philosophy that was developed to preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible while also improving your smile in a manner that is healthier and less aggressive than ever before. With access to advanced technology, it is also easier than ever to provide you with this responsible level of dentistry.

To join the growing number of patients who desire more conservative dentistry, call to reserve your personal consultation with a minimally invasive dentist in St. Charles today.