A Proactive Approach To Better Dental Health

Brush your teeth every morning, before bed, and after every meal. How often do we hear this advice? Taking care of your teeth is something that’s taught at an early age, but often it’s basic dental hygiene that gets overlooked later in life. People don’t realize how much dental hygiene affects the rest of your health.

At Parkside Dentistry, our mission is to create healthy, winning smiles and bring awareness to what good lifelong dental care is all about for the whole family.

Keep your teeth and gums in good condition through regular check-ups with Dr. Jeffrey Smith. He offers the following affordable services, enabling you and your family to achieve the highest quality dental care available:

Routine Cleanings & Check-Ups

Dr. Jeffrey Smith recommends a cleaning and dental exam twice a year. These easily scheduled visits include a professional teeth cleaning with our certified dental hygienist as well as a visual check and periodontal probe to inspect your mouth for infection or disease around the gums.

Dental Sealants

This simple procedure is used to effectively protect teeth from food and bacteria. Both adults and kids can be treated using dental sealants, though usually, it’s more common for kids. The sealant is a plastic material brushed directly onto the teeth, normally molars and pre-molars, and adults sometimes opt to use this to even fight off decay.


Our panoramic X-rays are full mouth X-rays that capture a picture of the entire mouth. At Parkside Dentistry, every new patient from the youngest generation to the oldest, receive X-rays as part of our routine dental exam. They help Dr. Jeffrey Smith to fully evaluate the health of your teeth and gums while also serving as a tool to detect cavities. We recommend an X-ray once a year as an important part of your dental care and maintenance.

Oral Exams

Cancer within the mouth can begin with a tiny spot that you may not even notice. Several areas in and around your mouth can be affected by oral cancer, including the lips, gums, cheek lining, and even the tongue. As part of our routine dental exam, we will also carefully inspect and evaluate the entire mouth specifically looking for signs of cancerous and precancerous conditions. A few symptoms that are associated with oral cancer include:

  • Bleeding sores
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Color change in mouth tissue
  • Tenderness while chewing
  • Tenderness and/or difficulty swallowing

If you feel like you are experiencing these symptoms please contact us immediately for a check-up.