A Long-Lasting Way to Restore Your Healthy Smile

Teeth can often be sources of embarrassment for many people. Whether you are missing teeth from an injury or gum disease, we can help piece your smile back together. At Parkside Dentistry we offer a procedure that will not only give you back your function but also long-lasting confidence.

Your St. Charles Dental Implant Provider

Dr. Jeffrey Smith is an experienced professional who offers dental implants as a long-term solution for allowing you to eat comfortably and smile longer. Through a two-step procedure, a tooth-colored crown is supported by a titanium root form implant. When taken care of properly, this effective solution can last a lifetime and provides a quality replacement for the problem areas of your mouth.

Advantages of Dental Implants

The main advantage of dental implants is that they can replace missing teeth without affecting the neighboring teeth. For example, if you are missing a single tooth, one option could be to drill the teeth in front and behind the space and place a three-unit bridge (that is cemented in place). Another option would be to have a removable denture or flipper-type device that replaces the missing tooth, that you take in and out at night.

A second important advantage of implants is that unlike real teeth, implants do not get decay. Thus, when you are faced with a decision to have a root canal, post and crown or have a dental implant, the implant is often a better option because the implant will almost always last longer.

Individual Care

To find out if dental implants are an option for you, we invite you to contact our St. Charles dental office for an appointment today.